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My husband said we couldn't buy Jon Pertwee's (the 3rd Doctor) cloak, so I don't suppose we can buy D.N.A.'s guitars.

What?  He doesn't want cool guitars, possibly played on stage with Pink Floyd?  Or is this you turning the tables?

LOL. Naw. He'd rather watch a Pink Floyd concert on TV from the comfort of his own couch. Guess his wild days are over.  :)

io9 did a best to worst list of all Doctor Who episodes.  Douglas Adams' written episode City of Death (with Tom Baker) came in 3rd.  Not that I put much stock in these sort of lists.


In other not exactly Adams news, Monty Python will be doing some reunion shows next summer.  Sadly they will be in England.  Why is it good British humor shows (Hitchhiker's Live, Python) choose to perform in England leaving me out in the cold?  Bloody favoritism.


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