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Grate Oracle Lewot:
I guess the way I was thinking about it is, it could just be a conclusion to the series, or it could be a starting point for anyone who wants to write more adventures but doesn't know how to bring everyone back together. I actually cut out certain lines in order to avoid defining the future too well. But mainly I just wanted to show my ideas for bringing everyone back.

I gather the point of Nanowrimo is to force you to produce something that you can go back and edit later--get you started if you can't start--but I've never been able to do it either. A lot of people perform better under pressure; I do worse. It's just how it is.

That was pretty good, Lewot!  I'm not good at reviewing or anything so I hardly have anything useful to say to people other than "good job, loved the story", but I agree with the others so I'll just second Teatime's and Kilman's opinions, giving you double points.

I was aiming to do NaNoWriMo this year, but as always it slips my mind and there it goes.  Maybe they should change NaNoWriMo to the month that I will remember to do it.

Well anyway, it was a clever way to bring them back together.  I never read And Another Thing so I don't know what Colfer did.  The one problem with something like this is that you can't sell it.  Maybe you should try your hand at creating something new and getting it published.

As for NaNoWriMo, I guess I could do 50,000 if I didn't have a ton of other responsibilities.  I like to lie to myself and tell myself that I will have so much more time once the kids graduate homeschool.  Who knows, maybe I will.  I do vaguely remember having lots of time... long, long ago.


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