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The 42 Layer Hitchhiker Christmas Tree

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OK, since we did the 42 days of Christmas last year, I figure it is time for something different.  I meant to put this up at 42 days until Christmas but missed it - oops.  No matter, we don't have to do these 1 day at a time (in fact some days we won't have any and some days we will have more than one - see below).

Here is how it works.  The tree is formed by 42 lines which build on top of each other from the top down.  Each line should have 1 character more than the previous one.  The tree is full size when we have 42 lines (top line having only 1 character, bottom line having 42 characters).  [note - characters to the left used to maintain tree shape do not count, but spaces in between letters do count as in Das Boot (8 chars) and Star Wars (9 chars) in the example below].  To make a new entry, copy the previous tree and put a new line in at the bottom.  You will also have to adjust spaces above (to the left of the words to maintain the treelike shape - yes, it will end up being a bit Charlie Brownish in shape but that's ok).  Here is an example of the start of a tree which uses movie titles:

 Das Boot
Star Wars

Rules for lines in our tree are that you must use a word or words that represent characters or races of creatures in the hitchhikers books.  You can also use pronouns since they refer to characters (that should help at the beginning).  If we get stuck at a certain number (a possibility since this has never been tested) we can cheat a bit.  For example, if no one comes up with a person or race of creatures (or pronoun) that uses 15 characters, we could cheat a bit with something like "Arthur and Ford".  But please wait a full day with no entries for the missing number before cutting corners since someone else might actually come up with a legitimate entry.  For example, a fully legit entry for 15 characters could be Tricia McMillan.  That answer could be used right away, the Arthur and Ford combo should not be entered until a full day has passed with no entry to indicate that everyone is stumped.

More than one line can be put on the tree in one day, but no individual can enter consecutive entries on the same day (must wait for others or until the next day before putting on another entry).

If this is a bit confusing, just ask for clarification.  I'm winging it on this, so you will have to forgive the haphazard description of how it works.  (Maybe other forums have something like this - seems like a good probability since the concept is fairly simple).

Perhaps for clarity - here is a summary of rules:

Copy previous tree, paste it in your reply - add a line at the bottom of the tree that uses one more character than the previous bottom line.  Your entry must be a name, race, species or pronoun used in the hitchhikers books to refer to characters or creatures in the books.  Spaces in your entry count.  Use spaces to maintain tree shape of the lines above your entry - these spaces to the left do not count in the character total.  If people are stumped and an entire day has passed with no new entry, someone can use a combination entry such as "Arthur and Ford" to reach the needed total number of characters.  More than one entry may be made per day, but not consecutive entries on the same day by the same person.

Whew... I hope that was not too confusing.

Oh, and feel free to decorate the tree as you go (as in the example).

To get this started, I will put in the top line (taking the easy way out with a pronoun):


:o Kilman, you should have made that a gold/yellow color, it was the top of the tree!


Since color formatting does not carry over when you copy and paste to make the next entry, each tree can be redecorated in any way you like.  8)

Grate Oracle Lewot:

--- Quote from: Kilman on November 15, 2011, 01:53:33 AM ---Since color formatting does not carry over when you copy and paste to make the next entry, each tree can be redecorated in any way you like.  8)

--- End quote ---
If you quote the other person's post, it should give you access to the formatting. Just delete the actual stuff that makes it look like a quote.


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