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Came close to being stuck visiting in-laws on Towel Day  :o.  Let's just say that would be like celebrating Towel Day with Vogons.  (VogonGirl - you are not allowed to repeat that statement :-X)

Anyway, it looks like I will be in Colorado for Towel Day, but no specific plans yet.  Anyone have any plans yet?

I spent Towel Day with my inlaws once. I brought my towel and made the best of it. They think I'm strange anyway.

Not sure what I'm planning this year. Did you notice Towel Day is on the feast day of The Venerable Bede?  Maybe I'll spend Towel Day translating "Ecclesiastical History of the English People" into Vogon.  ;)

Hmmm, is there an online babelfish translator that converts to Vogon?  There ought to be. 

Yeah! There should be. LOL 
I found a Tolkien Elf name generator, but no Vogon translator.  :-\

OK, Towel Day 2012 plans are set!  The zoo!  :D  Even though we did this back in 2008, I can't come up with anything better, at least that involves the kids too (Yes, I suppose the kids could help translate Bede, but I suspect that would only lead to me spending Towel Day alone).

We will be going to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.  Any hitchhikers that will be in the area, and that happen to stumble on this message, are welcome to join us (you can even join and we can work out a meeting time and place).  Last time we did this we ran into zero fellow hitchhikers and so began the "Towel Day Surprise" in which we asked complete strangers to hold our towels while we took pictures of them - see for pics and a little more detail on how it works.


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