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Howdy, Hoopy Froods!

To assist international visitors who may be confused by my western US dialect, I have taken time to translate the above phrase into several languages via an online Babelfish.

Allo, Hoopy Froods ! (French)
Grüß dich, Hoopy Froods! (German)
Ciao, Hoopy Froods! (Italian)
¡Hola, Hoopy Froods! (Spanish)
G'Day, Hoopy Froods! (Australian)
Cheerio, Hoopy Froods! (British)
Wassup, Hoopy Froods! (Urban US)

Apparently 'Hoopy Froods' is universal and needs no translation.

Happy Towel Day to those in the Pacific!  :D (it is already early AM, May 25th in places like Australia).

This is the 12th Towel Day!  Please link your Towel Day 2012 pictures here.  If you are not sure how, see the Towel Day Picture FAQs thread.  Pictures from my part of the world will be posted later (We have 13 hours to go before we get to Towel Day out here on the open range - git along little doggies).

My littlest kids and I made a Towel Day video. Kind of dumb, but at least it's short.

I just have one pic.

It was kind of cold and windy this morning.

Happy Towel Day!

Laughing at Dad's witty humor - or maybe it was windy and she was trying to get the hair out of her eyes.


--- Quote from: Teatime on May 25, 2012, 02:47:14 PM ---My littlest kids and I made a Towel Day video.
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