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My towel and me. Plus, that's one of the signs my sister's family made me for my 42nd birthday party. We saved them for Towel Day.  8)

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Talked my roommate into participating:

We had kind of a driving adventure trying to get to 7-11 on the poorly designed roads around the college. Other than that, I haven't really done anything exciting. But it still feels good to wear the towel again.

That's super. Is your roommate a Douglas Adams fan, or just a good sport?

I made good use of my towel today. Walking over to pick up my nephew from school, it rained a bit--which is strange for this time of year--and I was able to use my towel to cover my head.

One later in the day with more of the family.

Even the dog has a towel. Cute!  One of my girls kept putting a towel on the cat, but he didn't hold still long enough to get a picture.


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