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My April review is Shh! It’s a Secret by Daniel M. Kimmel:


Next month, in addition to my review, I will be posting a Towel Day article at Amazing Stories.

Great review. Sounds like a super funny novel.  :)

My May Scide Splitters review is The Flying Sorcerers by David Gerrold & Larry Niven:


I am contemplating whether to run my Towel Day post at Amazing Stories on May 24th or 25th.  Since the publishing time is 8am MT, half the world will be on the tail end of Towel Day by the time it gets posted.  Plus the 24th might work better as a reminder so people won't forget their towels.

My Towel Day post is up at Amazing Stories Magazine: The Ghost of Towel Day Yet to Come: A True Story (sort of)



Grate Oracle Lewot:
I could hardly love that post more :D


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