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Interview with Polly Adams

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Here's an interview with DNA's daughter, Polly.

Oh my goodness, she only recently read Hitchhikers!  Probably her whole life people made Guide references to her and she didn't get them.  :)

I can see her point about waiting and there being so much riding on it being good.  I also expect it might have been difficult emotionally for a time.  Now I don't feel as embarrassed about waiting to read Salmon of Doubt.  I wonder if she's read Dirk Gently's?

I am considering doing an interview of Polly for Amazing Stories Magazine (to post on May 24th since Towel Day will be mostly over in Europe by the time Amazing posts on the 25th).  I have already come up with a few questions, but would appreciate input from the towelday.net crew. 

Do any of you have questions you would like to ask Polly?

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Oh my... I wouldn't even know where to begin. But I'm sure that anything I could think of, she already gets asked all the time...


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