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How are plans shaping up for Towel Day 2013?

I am not sure yet, but I may get stuck going to a wedding.  The towel could be extra awkward considering these are some hardcore Catholics who might very likely be having the ceremony in Latin.  Not that I don't want to display my towel where it stands out awkwardly (because I actually enjoy that, and this would be perfect), but I am not sure I want to spend Towel Day with marginal acquaintances that will have no appreciation for the holiday.  I will keep you updated when I find out for sure.

What are your plans?

[edit - note that by 'hardcore Catholics' I do not mean to imply anything negative.  My point is that they are very serious minded and likely won't be pleased with my towel.]

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Well, I might actually be getting a job, which is kind of like Marvin having a good day--but I don't know what the hours will be yet, so I don't know whether I'll be working on Towel Day or not. I think it does happen to be the kind of job where the towel would get in the way--depending on which tasks I'm doing at the time--but if that ends up being the case, I'll try to at least bring it along in the car or something, maybe picnic on it for lunch. If I don't have to work that day, then I'll probably be in school, so I should be able to wear it around campus again. Although it might also get in the way of science labs which I've started taking, but I should be able to just bring it in and leave it on my chair instead of actually wearing it during the experiments.

I have literally no money, though, so unless I earn a bunch from the job, I won't be able to travel anywhere.

Kilman, maybe you could wear a towel as a tie.  ;)

I have a tea date with a group of other mom friends on Towel Day this year. They won't mind my towel at all. There's even a good chance that two of them will have their towels too, as they are fans too! :)

Looks like I'm going to a wedding.  My sister is going to be there so that's actually the main reason that I'm going.  But I'm bringing my towel with me, I just wont wear it on my shoulder during the mass. :)  Otherwise I'm wearing it.

LOL  That's great. I guess for a wedding you must bring your nicest towel.  ;D


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