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Grate Oracle Lewot:
Thanks Donna. ;) I ended up doing completely different things than planned, but it was quite eventful. And if that isn't what interstellar hitchhiking is about, then it isn't.


--- Quote from: Kilman on May 25, 2013, 05:56:50 PM ---We've added a flying contest - throwing ourselves at the ground and missing (person who misses by the greatest distance wins).  This particular game does not start until later in the party when we have had enough alcohol to make us more prone to missing things.

--- End quote ---

Since I don't remember hitting the ground during the party yesterday, it is probably safe to assume that I flew successfully.


--- Quote from: Donna on May 24, 2013, 04:53:11 PM ---Not to be a downer, but I will unfortunately be going to my oldest sisters funeral.   :'(  She passed away earlier this week.  In one way it is very sad, but I don't think there could be a better day to hold the service than towel day.  I'm sure she would see the irony in it and have a good laugh!  We both had the same taste in books and movies.

--- End quote ---

I'm so sorry for your loss, Donna. My thoughts and prayers are with you.  :'(

On Towel Day I brought my towel --the little 42 one I won at that contest-- with me everywhere. I brought my parents grocery shopping and out to coffee. It came in handy when my dad spilled his mocha on me!  :D  I even brought it to Confession and to Mass (tucked inside my purse).


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