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Saved by the towel.  ;D  It looks like I will not be going to the wedding, in part because various forces (one of which I am married to) have made it clear that the towel is not invited.  So, my towel and I will be elsewhere - having fun.  I’m looking into having a party, complete with towels, barbeque, alcohol and live music.

I'm going to conceal my towel so my mom wont know I brought it until we're out of the church. ;)

Grate Oracle Lewot:
It looks like the day itself will fall on a weekend, so I won't have to worry about towels not being allowed at my new job thingy. I might still picnic on it, though.

The outdoor Towel Day party is on!  :D

I need to finalize the location (looking at 2 options depending on whether we have live music).  There will be food, drink, entertainment of some sort (even if it turns out to be open mic Vogon poetry readings), games and other mayhem.  I am currently in the brainstorming phase of figuring out what other fun things might be going on.  Feel free to make suggestions.  At this point, only local (Colorado Springs area) Towel Day enthusiasts are expected to attend, but if anyone is interested, let me know.

Shocking as it may seem, some people do not have the spirit of Towel Day in their hearts.  Several invitees RSVP’d with “not interested” (modern day version of humbug).  They have been warned of their potential fate:

Still, the party goes on.  Perhaps some of the strags will be reformed by visits from the Ghosts of Towel Day Past, Towel Day Present and Towel Day Yet to Come (minor hint on the topic of my upcoming Amazing Stories piece for Towel Day – posts Friday at the magazine’s website).


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