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Since I am planning an outdoor party for this Towel Day, I got to thinking about fun activities (besides drinking).  The key component to any of the games will of course be a towel.  Any ideas?

I just started thinking about this a few minutes ago, so I don't have anything designed yet (I will post them when I come up with some).  My initial mental image is things like horseshoes except with towels - somehow.  Anyway, please post ideas.   8)

blind man's bluff with a towel over the head of whoever's "it"

towel folding race

towel tug-of-war

musical towels (instead of musical chairs)

tossing a wadded up wet washcloth to knock down bottles

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Pin the towel on the... something. Ravenous Bugblatter Beast?

Great suggestions.  I've been so busy, I haven't had much time to brainstorm on the subject, but I did come up with one very short activity.  Each guest at the party will have a chance to extract the ultimate question from their subconscious by randomly pulling scrabble pieces out of a towel. 


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