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Welcome, Hoopy Froods!

Less than 33 hours until Towel Day breaks across the International Date Line and spills out across the pacific.  Environmental experts warn that the cleanup could be very costly.  Others are concerned about the long term psychological effects on wildlife.

It took marine psychologists 42 days to convince this guy to let go of his towel after Towel Day 2011.

This will be the 13 Towel Day!  Link your Towel Day 2013 pictures here (time travelers can post them early).  If you are not sure how, see the Towel Day Picture FAQs thread.

It's already Towel Day in New Zealand, Australia (parts of), Japan, Korea, and a bunch of other places which the Guide describes as "Mostly Islands"


It is now Towel Day in all but the Americas.  Happy Towel Day to froods in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and little bits of land lost at sea.

Towel Day has reached the Rocky Mountains

or Happy Towel Night, depending on how you look at it

just after midnight - more pics to come in the morning and after the party

Here I am Towel Day morning after a nice hot shower, courtesy of the new water heater.


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