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New Dirk Gently TV series

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Dirk Gently to get another TV treatment.  No specifics on when and where we will be able to watch this, but I do get the impression that Americans won't be left out on this one.


Official web site (to check for updates): http://www.dirkgently.com/index.php

Let's just hope they do it well.

It looks like this is going to happen.  BBC America plans to broadcast 8 1-hour episodes starting this fall (2016). 
Cast includes - Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood, Hannah Marks
From what I can tell, don't expect this to follow the books very closely.  Hopefully they can at least capture the spirit of Dirk Gently.

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Update - Dirk Gently "debuts October 22 on BBC America"

Hurray!  ...so long as they don't ruin it.

We are now two episodes into the season.  If you missed those, you can watch them on the BBC America website (but I think you have to have a cable/satellite provider that carries the channel).

I also reviewed the beginning in my Scide Splitters column at Amazing Stories:


I'm watching late show with stephen colbert and he has Elijah Wood as his guest.  They just showed a clip of the show - I'm going to have to start watching it now!  :)


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