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Towel Day plans 2015


42 days until Towel Day!

Anyone have any interesting plans for this year?

Towel Day coincides with Memorial Day this year, so I may just end up with a backyard BBQ.  The local market probably won't have any Ameglian Major Cow, so we might have to make due with a non-consenting cow for our burgers.

Grate Oracle Lewot:
Despite the double holiday, I'll almost certainly have to work. So not really any plans other than that, but I'll have the towel along.

Are you still working for the parks department (or something like that)?

No change in plans here, probably just a backyard BBQ.  My brother opened a micro-brewery/tap room about six months ago and I would probably have no trouble convincing him to have a Towel Day themed event except that he is closed on Mondays (his only day off).  I think I know what I am doing for Towel Day next year...

Oh, and I should note that today is May 11th, Douglas Adams died 14 years ago today.


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