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Comcast has decided to kill off the service that I have been using to store my pictures that appear here on (the pics will cease to exist on Thursday  :(  I never could get the hang of Thursdays).  So I was trying to figure out what service to use to store them so does not end up with a bunch of those annoying red Xs.  Then it occurred to me that all my pics may be on the Wayback Machine (aka

The Wayback Machine, if any of you are old enough to remember it, was a time machine that a dog name Mr. Peabody and his boy named Sherman... Ok, I just ran a search to make sure I was remembering the names correctly and found out they made a movie out of it last year.  Yes, Hollywood has soiled yet another of my childhood memories with a remake  >:(  Anyway, a while back somebody created an archive of internet web pages and called it the Wayback Machine.  This allows you to visit websites that no longer exist - like a time machine.

So I thought, why set up an account somewhere to post the pictures?  Why not just link my pics to the Wayback Machine?  But then I wondered, isn't that kind of like being your own grandfather like Fry in that Futurama episode?  Will that even work?  Wouldn't that mean that the Wayback Machine will be referring to pictures here that in turn refer to the Wayback Machine as the source?  ???  Isn't that something like the internet version of a grandfather paradox?  Or perhaps it will result in an infinite recursive loop.  Does the internet have enough room for that?

Risks of destroying the fabric of space-time (or at least the internet) be damned, I went ahead and did it anyway. Now to watch vigilantly for the consequences. 

Will the Grandfather Paradox Pictures rip a hole in the fabric of space-time?   :o
Will the Wayback Machine's recursive reference to itself lead to the end of the internet?   :'(

Check back on Thursday to find out - or don't check back if for some reason you and/or the internet cease to exist.   ::)

Paradox postponed - for all Comcast's threats to wipe everything out last Thursday, the old website is still there.  Reprieve, postponement, or a looping function of the paradox?


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