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Towel Day 2017


Happy Towel Day!

Towel Day has arrived in Asia and parts of the Pacific.

Don't forget your towel today (or tomorrow, depending on your time zone).  And feel free to post your Towel Day pictures or to say hello.

...and it is pouring down rain here!  Good day to have a towel handy I guess.  Happy Towel Day to you to!!

We took pictures this morning, but I have since encountered a series of technical challenges rivaling the legendary babel fish dispenser in the Infocom game.  This may take some time...

The pictures are coming - promise.  It probably won't take me that long to work out the technical problems, but I just don't have any time.  The pics likely won't get posted until after my daughter's wedding next week.  Every time I get something done, two new tasks replace it.  And then little unexpected things pop up that need attention.  For instance, this evening I discovered several black widow spiders just outside the front door.

...finally (Yes, I know, generally boring pics, but pics none-the-less)


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